The Best Pizza Spots in San Francisco

The Best Pizza Spots in San Francisco

The Best Pizza Spots in San FranciscoMany of us think San Francisco is not the place to eat pizza. In fact, many Americans don’t take San Francisco into account for listing down the best place for eating pizza. But in reality, San Francisco definitely comes out in the top ranking for producing best pizzas. Here, you will see many restaurants, making some of the best pizzas in the world. So, in this article, we are going to share the best pizza spots in San Francisco to ensure you are aware of what this state can offer you. Lets’ move forward and read the article.


Pizzetta is located in the Richmond district and it is one hell of a restaurant where you would get special pizzas and salads. All the pizzas served are made of seasonal foods. Other items served at the restaurant are regular snacks and three pies, which remain all year round.

Little Star Pizza

Little Star Pizza is a restaurant, which would bring the true neighborhood feel of Chicago-style pies. Decorated with dim lights and lively environment, this restaurant offers casual pizza dinner as well.

Golden Boy Pizza

As the name suggests, Golden Boy Pizza is a place where the menu is pretty much straightforward. With square-cut pies and fascinating pizzas, you will definitely love the environment, especially the food on offer.

Del Popolo

Originally a food truck, Del Popolo is an upscale pizzeria, serving both adults and children with its authentic foods. The main specialty of Del Popolo is they made their foods using organic ingredients, which are sourced from local Sonoma farms


Fiorella is a quaint neighborhood food heaven where you will get neighborly gourmet pizza in abundance. Together with the pizza, you will also get crusts, which are crispy and thin with creative and seasonal toppings.

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

The Best Pizza Spots in San FranciscoTony’s Pizza Napoletana is a world famous pizza spots with mouth-watering pies on offer. In fact, many of the pies have been awarded international awards with world-wide recognition. In addition, you can eat any type of pizza because Tony’s Pizza Napoletana is considered as an amusement park for pizza. Not to mention the strong cocktail program with wine on your side, you will for sure visit Tony’s Pizza Napoletana once in a while.

Gioia Pizzeria

Gioia Pizzeria is known for delivering amazing pizzas to its customers. The chefs here are world-class and they are very attentive in sourcing the ingredients of the pizza. For this reasons, the crowds keep coming to this place, often staying a late night to try out the whole menu. What’s more, you would see a wine list at Gioia Pizzeria, which includes various Italian grape varietals, complimenting all dishes every time.


Capo’s is a legendary pizza spot in San Francisco in which you will get the retro, gangster-era vibe with Chicago-style pies. If these are not enough, you can definitely enjoy the Italian-American dishes.

Carmel Pizza Company

If you are willing to escape the crowds at Fisherman’s Wharf, then there is no better place to do it than Carmel Pizza Company. It’s a small food truck where you will find awe-inspiring foods with patio-themed décor. With one of the best pizzas in San Francisco, they also offer Neapolitan-style pies to the customers. Altogether, this is one of the best places for pizza in San Francisco.


Beretta offers a stimulating atmosphere where you will get locally driven foods, especially the pizzas. When you are done eating pizza, you can order burrata (as an appetizer), with the famous home-made walnut bread or the margherita pie. Moreover, the cocktail program is world-class as you will barely find seats on a regular day.

Pizzeria Delfina

Pizzeria Delfina is a blend of Neapolitan style and California flair where friendly spots are up for grabs. This place is famous for dates and lunch because the pizza served at Pizzeria Delfina is awesome with delicious pies.

Bottom Line

The bottom Line is wherever you go, you must include San Francisco for best pizza spots. With different types of pizzas and delectable dishes, San Francisco boasts some of the best spots in the USA. So, let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments section.