10 Etiquette Rules for Dining at Fancy Restaurants

Etiquette Rules for Dining at Fancy Restaurants

If you are not acquainted with then you might not have the common sense as restaurant etiquette is related to your intellectual smartness. For example – if your mouth is full, you should not speak or if you are in the middle of your meal, you should avoid telling rude jokes. So, in this article, we will make you smarter by sharing 10 etiquette rules for dining at fancy restaurants. Let’s read the article and learn those etiquette.

1. You should dress elegantly

Etiquette Rules for Dining at Fancy RestaurantsThe first etiquette you must learn is to dress elegantly. When you are going for a dinner at a fancy restaurant, you should avoid jeans tennis shoes. Instead of wearing these, you can opt for something nicer such as formal trousers with a matching shirt.

2. You should avoid putting mobile, keys, and purse on the table

Well, putting mobile or keys or purse on the table while having a meal at a restaurant might distract your guest. In fact, it can distract your waiter and the entire restaurant.

3. You should allow the guest to order first

If you are the host of a party a fine restaurant, you should allow the guests to order first. To do this, you should clear everything by saying my guests would like to order first as saying phrases like this clears any confusion immediately.

4. If you are host, you should pay ahead of time

A smart host knows the value of paying first. It means that when you are the host, you should give your credit card ahead of time to ensure you are paying the bills for the meal. This will have a bright impression about you on your guests.

5. You should not explain how much you want to spend on wine

Etiquette Rules for Dining at Fancy RestaurantsWhen you are ordering a wine, you have to be careful about not mentioning the price of the wine. Rather, you can just mention the name of a wine in your price range. The waiter will know how much you want to spend on a wine. Besides, you should not pretend that you a wine connoisseur as you might look silly in the eyes of the guests.

6. You should not return the wine unless it’s terrible

After you have ordered a wine, you just can’t return it even if its taste bad. The thing is you have to keep it unless it’s terrible. So, just politely explain the problem to your waiter and make him or her know that you don’t want it.

7. You should know where to place your napkin

Before taking your meal, you should wait for your guests to place the napkin in his or her lap. After that the napkin would go on your chair seat if you stand up. On the other hand, you have to keep your napkin on the left side of the plate if you have finished eating. In this case, you should also wait for your guests to place the napkin on the left side.

8. You should avoid reaching across the table to taste your guest’s food

Etiquette Rules for Dining at Fancy RestaurantsThis is one of the strangest things you can do while dining at fancy restaurants. If you want us our opinion, we would say never ever go across the table to take food even if it’s unintentional. Instead of doing this, you can ask someone (whom you know better) to pass the plate.

9. You should not yell at your waiter

You should never yell at your waiter even if you are greatly disappointed with him or her. Just try to make eye contact with the waiter. If this doesn’t work, just put your right hand with your index finger raised slightly to get the attention.

10. After finishing your meal, you must avoid placing the utensils on the side of the plate

The last etiquette is you should not place the utensils on the side of the plate. If you have finished eating, you should place the knife and fork together at the 10:20 position on the plate. This will indicate that you are done with eating.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is your waiter might not be working on a huge hourly wage. For this reason, you should tip well as they depend on it. For example – you can tip 15-20% for satisfactory service and 25% for exemplary service.